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Still-Moving is a small business based in Southampton, Hampshire, providing high quality, ethical and affordable services to like minded people.  We're passionate about our work, your work, creativity and tea!

With a huge amount of web, marketing and production experience, our aim is for you to be so pleased you'll be coming back for more and recommending us.

You can find out more by clicking here, or by Contacting us.

Website Design
Bespoke and friendly design for clear information and navigation, social media integration, and compliant with DDA requirements. Affordable rates along with marketing expertise to support small business, start-ups, charity organisations, artists, more ...

Video Production
For training, events, information, education, entertainment, music and more ...

Images for events, pr, illustration, media, product advertising, music and more ...

Still-Moving are:
Martin Davis - Still
Photographer & Website Designer

Isabel Amber Ewen - Moving
Video Producer & Editor



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